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The Orient

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The Far East is often defined as a world that draws the picture of a mystified, surreal and an untried land. With Abercrombie and Kent, a trip to the Far East is not just a travel itinerary but a journey into a world of exciting revelations, discovery of exotic cultures, ancient monasteries and their legacies and the languages that are accented by a musical tenor.

The land of the Rising Sun, Japan is an archipelago of nearly 7,000 islands and has lived up an extraordinary past. Its culture has greatly evolved from its pre historic origins and modern culture is a rich amalgamation of its own glorified legacy to the influences from the other Asian, American and European cultures. With Abercrombie & Kent travel to orient and discover the true essence of the Japanese culture at the traditional ryokan inns, calligraphy studios, and witness sumo wrestling and Kabuki dramas.

China is globally recognized as one of the most populous lands of the world however when questioned about its culture or traditions it suddenly comes across as the universe of the unknown and unfamiliarity that awaits its visitors. The Mao's empire legacy, Forbidden City and Great Wall of China have lured intrigued travels to its threshold for centuries. Unravel the mysteries and much more with our team in China.

Malaysia on the other hand is an exciting union of various cultures such as Indian, Malay, Chinese as well as British given its colorful past. Indonesia comprising of many islands, is home of Bali, often described as "The Land of the Gods" is stunning with a dreamlike natural imagery. Indo-China embracing culturally rich lands like Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are equally striking with their gorgeous landscapes and historic Buddhist heritage which mesmerizes their visitors even today.