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North America is home to some of the most iconic tourists attractions in the world! It is home to the world's most recognized sights i.e. New York's neon lit Times Square, the infamous Last Vegas strip, or the raw power of Niagara Falls. From the icy terrains of Alaska marked by territorial grizzly bears to the majestic mountain barrier of the Rockies, to the adorned skyline of Toronto, the wonders of North America never cease to amaze visitors.

North America has had a noteworthy past since its discovery by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492 and later the famous pilgrim voyage of Mayflower in 1620. At present North America is often epitomized as the Land of Dreams by many an ambitious people all over the world. Modern day tourists have an extensive choice of places to choose from 50 states in the US of A and ten Canadian provinces offering everything, from abundant natural wealth to the stellar cities brimming with art and cultural activities for every taste and preference.