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Travel to New Zealand

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A less-travelled country of New Zealand offers a wonderful surprise to the nature lovers. In the southwest Pacific Ocean, the country looks like a shining gem in the blue waters. Snow-capped mountains, green meadows, sandy beaches and scenic images have never failed in attracting attention. The side-by-side existence of cultures from the Maori and Colonial British has lend New Zealand a new touch.

It's easy to arrange luxury tours to New Zealand with it being a paradise in essentiality. Divided into north and south, there are two main islands. The North Island defines more of an adventure tour to New Zealand with surprisingly placed geothermal wonders of the Rotorua. Experience the Maori culture and soak in the clear waters of the Bay of islands. Called the Art Deco town, Napier is close to the wine region of Hawkes Bay. The capital city of Wellington celebrates the existence of the country.

Talking about the South Island, start from the Christchurch where English fashion is the talk of the town, along with swimming in the Avon River with the dolphins at Akaroa. Try Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world where you must try various sports like the bungy jumping, sky diving and canyon swinging. Apart from an adrenaline rush, stoke your senses with a walk in the farmlands, fjords and the national parks. We at A&K also ensure that you get to stay at a standard luxury lodge so that you have a relaxed trip. Either book private islands or settle for luxury resorts. Enjoy the dramatic scenic landscapes while getting blocked by a herd of sheep. With wilderness all across the country, New Zealand also is home to the world's most renowned wine and selective fine dining experience.

Best Time To Go New Zealand

Best time to go to New Zealand

New Zealand has mild temperatures, moderately high rainfall, and many hours of sunshine throughout most of the year. The north of New Zealand is subtropical and temperate. The warmest half the year is from September to April. The summer months of December, January and February are an ideal time for outdoor pursuits. Spring is from September to November. Autumn is from March to May and winter from June to August.

Maximum daytime temperatures vary from 15 to 32C in summer, 10 to 25C in autumn and spring, and 5 to 18C in winter. However, winter is the ideal time to warm up close to an open fire in one of the many splendid lodges dotted around the country - or even to venture out to the numerous ski slopes found in New Zealand.

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Travel Tips

Time Zone

  • New Zealand is one of the first places in the world to see the new day, 12 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). In summer New Zealand uses daylight saving, with clocks put forward one hour to GMT + 13. Daylight saving begins on the last Sunday in September and ends on the first Sunday in April of the following year.


  • In April 2006, New Zealand became the first country to declare sign language as an official language, alongside Maori and English.
  • Maori is only used in New Zealand and nowhere else in the world. Despite its official status, the language continues to struggle against being lost. Some useful Maori phrases include haere mai: welcome; kia ora: hello or "gidday"; haere ra: good bye; hongi: traditional greeting by pressing noses; hangi: oven comprising a hole in the ground in which food is cooked by heated stones; kai: food, eat.

  • New Zealand's currency is the New Zealand dollar (NZ$). The NZ dollar is divided into 100 cents. Coins: 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2. Notes: $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.