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Introduction to Arctic

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There's something about the Arctic landscape that has always haunted travelers - crackling glaciers, chunky icebergs floating on sparkling water, roaming reindeer, the mighty polar bear and of course, snow mountains. Very few places on the face of earth can dare to boast of such striking physical appeal and raw wilderness.

Everything in this region is shaped by the climate and an adventure holiday to this wonderful part of the planet is a unique experience in itself. A vast, ice covered ocean, the Arctic is home to the midnight sun and the polar night.

Map your holidays in Arctic with A&K and witness wilderness at its prime. Polar bear, reindeer, moose, beluga whales, wolves, caribou and elk freely roam the tundra. Our fully equipped expeditions with our experienced guides and rangers will lead you to the very best this region has to offer. Witness survival and camouflage techniques of these animals in such inhospitable climes. See the Arctic unveil a new face each day. From moss covered brown mountains one day to thousand year old glaciers the next, from frosty ice fields in the morning to the green tundra slopes at night.

For many, visiting the Arctic is only about experiencing the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. Caused by the collision of charged particles with atoms, it is a dazzling display of dancing lights in the sky that leaves even residents spellbound. Despite severe and harsh living conditions, the indigenous people of the Arctic have well-adapted to the intense cold and extreme conditions. Travel to Arctic with A&K and get in touch with their way of life, culture and traditions, which unlike their surroundings is cheerful, warm and hospitable.