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More like a giant freezing time machine, the cold, white continent of Antarctica lies unparalleled. Having earned the tag for being the coldest, windiest, highest (on average) and driest continent, Antarctica, perhaps is earth's last unspoiled frontier. Wrapped in sheets of white, Antarctica is a blend of everything and nothing, its peculiar beauty capable of haunting you for days on end. Little known, in spite of being swathed in ice, Antarctica is a desert!

Travel to the planet's most exhilarating destination with Abercrombie and Kent and map your holidays in Antarctica as the greatest travel adventure of your life.

With few signs of human life and unruffled wildlife, visitors to this place engulfed by icy sheets often feel like ghosts drifting across the Southern Ocean to a land that clearly doesn't require any traces of human civilization. Antarctica's tale of exploration is a worthy one and lies incomplete without a visit to the Falkland Islands in conjunction with South Georgia with its teeming population of penguins, seals and albatrosses and the Southern Ocean which has to be traversed in order to reach this icy continent. Whether exploring a deserted whaling station or floating through a glacier-lined channel, it is impossible to forget the sheer size and significance of this cold, icy terrain.

During your voyage, catch sight of emperor penguins, completely focused on rearing their young, seals eliciting disinterested yawns and flights of albatrosses. Travel to Antarctica with us and find your experiences here exceeding your expectations.